Collaboration On Modern(izing) Policies and Systematic Strategies on LLL.


In the paradigm shift towards a European Lifelong Learning Area, two crucial challenges currently confront HE.

Firstly there is a widening gap between the policy making process of LLL at European level with statements from various stakeholders (e.g. the European Universities Charter on LLL, the 2009 Communique of Ministers in Leuven) and the situation of Universities in their respective contexts.

Secondly project results like BeFlex and BeFlex+ indicate that there is a stunning diversity of LLL activities at HE level, while at the same time only a minority of universities have been fully engaged in the process of integrating LLL into their institutional missions and strategies to continue the shift from University LLL activities to genuine LLL Universities as part of a overarching knowledge system for LLL. Moreover, this unbalanced constellation is adversely consolidated through the low commitment of Member States concerning LLL in HE (e.g. the Progress reports on Education & Training 2010, national reports on Adult Education Plan).

The COMPASS project will address these challenges in four steps with a consortium of national ULLL-networks and/or universities representing national networks.

  1. Using the 10 commitments for HE institutions and governments in the European Universities Charter on LLL, two surveys and an analysis of policy documents will be undertaken
  2. Results of the surveys will be analyzed and discussed in 2 consultation events with the project partners, their ministries of education and representatives of other educational providers (e.g. Adult Education and VET Associations).
  3. Roadmaps and recommendations for comprehensive and coherent national strategies will be developed by each network based on the results of the survey and the consultation.
  4. A final conference to present the results, to transfer the methodology and outcomes of COMPASS to other Member States and promote wider and deeper implementation of the Charter.

COMPASS will create an evidence base for in-depth knowledge about the state of play and the difficulties and challenges in implementing NLLL-strategies. It will provide a platform of exchange and sharing best practices and nourish the discussions on regional, national and European level for future workplans and recommendations towards a European Lifelong Learning Area.